Refund Policy

After Cancellation of the order refund process will be started in the below given conditions

1 Customer order was cancelled2 Order was not delivered to your receiver 3 In case of unfounded receiver money will not be refunded 4 If receiver refuses to take the order or delivery money also will not be refunded5 If any customer or receiver complain regarding his/her delivery of product or quality of order delivered. Than we start inquire about the order no and if we find that your issue is correct then a full refund will be given or we will replace your order it mean we will re deliver your order as you want. 6 Any customer can get his refund in case of our delivery or service failure 7 The Refund amount not more than the actual amount paid by customer. Our company not liable for any other type of loss beyond the amount paid by customer for his/her order8 If any customers cancel the order, 10% of your actual amount paid by you will be deducted 9 In all type of cancellation and refund onlineflorist4u will be final authority it means we are the only deciding authority FOR ANY QUERY OR ISSUE CALL US ON +919214066443